Future opportunities for public involvement

PSE will continue the public involvement process for Energize Eastside through future phases of the project. Stay tuned for additional information on upcoming public involvement opportunities.


PSE will work directly with property owners to carry out detailed research for siting the project.


PSE will be asking for community input on project design, which may include pole type, location and height, and other design considerations.

Environmental review

The City of Bellevue will lead the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, working collaboratively with other affected jurisdictions and agencies. During this process there will be opportunities for public comment.


PSE will apply for necessary permits from appropriate agencies and jurisdictions. Many of these permits will have opportunities for public comment.

Pre-construction and construction

As we know more about pre-construction details, PSE will notify and work closely with affected businesses and property owners so they can stay informed of the project schedule and activities.

Upcoming milestones

Upcoming milestones* for the Energize Eastside project include:

December 2014

  • Community Advisory Group finalizes route recommendation for PSE

1st quarter 2015

  • City of Bellevue publishes third-party review of project need
  • PSE announces its selected route
  • Scoping begins for Environmental Impact Statement process

*All dates subject to change

Building a 230 kV substation

Once a route is finalized, PSE will choose the substation that works best electrically for the system.